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How do I connect my Android device to the wireless internet?

Last Updated 4 years ago

STEP 1: Go to Settings on your Andriod device and select WIFI or WIFI Connection.

STEP 2: Click on the KNUST WIFI to configure your device for use.

STEP 3: Select Advanced options. You should see the options to configure such as EAP method etc.

STEP 4: Under EAP Method > choose TTLS, Under Phase 2 authentication > choose PAP. Every other setting should be left as they are.

(b) Some selected android phones do not have the configuration settings in advanced options. For such devices, the EAP method and phase 2 authentication can be found immediately you click on the KNUST WIFI.

STEP 5: Now enter your username and password in the space provided under identity and password respectively. Note, for anonymous identity, you can put your first name there or leave blank

STEP 6: Ensure the credentials are properly inputed and connect. Your device should be connected.

Note: For rare cases where the connect button seems to be inactive, in the same location for step 4 (a and b), under CA certificate, make sure you select "do not validate", your connect button will become active.